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P-Wave® urinal screen, splash mat and deodorisers are possibly the best washroom deodorisers on the market today. The best-selling Urinal deodoriser, designed to keep urinals clean by minimising splash, and bad-smelling bacteria and leaving a pleasant fragrance – P-Wave® attacks the bad smells at the source. All P-Wave® products last for a full thirty days giving a constant refreshing pleasant fragrance all the time.

P-Wave® has a whole range of products to keep your washrooms smelling fresh; from their best-selling Urinal Screens, Bowl clips, and P-Curve which can be stuck 'almost anywhere, through screens and much more! All products are packed full of fragrance and are the best on the market, to keep your washrooms smelling fresh and welcoming!

P-Wave Urinal Screen: Our urinal screen offer a unique design that helps to keep the urinal clean and odour free. With long-lasting fragrance, these screens release pleasant scents, creating a fresh and inviting restroom environment. They also feature built-in enzyme that helps break down bacteria, reducing blockage and maintenance costs.


Deodorizer: Our range of deodorizers provides an extra layer of freshness to your restroom. Available in various fragrances, they combat unpleasant odours, leaving behind a clean and inviting atmosphere. Choose our Curve Deodoriser.


Why choose P-wave Products?

Our products are designed with both hygiene and convenience in mind. They are easy to install, require minimal maintenance, and provide long-lasting performance. By using P-wave solutions, you can create a pleasant restroom experience for users and maintain a clean, odour-free environment.

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