Floor Cleaning Machine

Floor Cleaning Machine

floor cleaning machine

Industrial floor cleaning machines are made to clean large areas efficiently. We provide a variety of high-quality floor scrubber-dryers, scrubber polishers, and sweepers for complete floor cleaning in workplaces, which is critical in reducing the spread of bacteria and maintaining individual safety. Our industrial floor cleaning equipment can help you save time while keeping your floors clean and free of dust, dirt, and grime.

Our industrial floor cleaning machines are designed to clean a variety of various floor types, including hard flooring, and outdoor flooring and are suited for a variety of workplaces and industries. Commercial floor cleaning machines are a necessary piece of machine in the majority of workplaces for keeping filth at bay.

Rawlins industrial and commercial floor cleaning machines are more powerful and advanced than ever before, allowing your cleaning staff to achieve better results and cleaner efficiency while also assuring greater safety for both machine and facility users. However, this is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cleaning machine. The best machine for the task is determined by the type of floor you’re cleaning, the dirt you’re dealing with, the size of the space, the layout of your facility, and other factors.

Here's a short rundown of the many sorts of floor cleaning machines, as well as when and where to use them:



Dirt and debris can easily accumulate on all types of flooring. Floor sweeper can assist you in rapidly and effectively removing dust, filth, and debris from both hard and soft floors. Sweepers, which range from battery-powered walk-behind push machines to industrial ride-on machines. They can be used to clean carpeted and hard floors indoors as well as sidewalks, pathways, and even parking lots outdoor.



Frequent sweeping is effective for eliminating dust and debris, however, floor scrubbers are used to remove soils that have accumulated or are attached to the hard surface. Scrubbers are generally used indoors and exclusively on hard flooring surfaces. Smaller push scrubbers are great for tiny spaces and tight locations such as restroom stalls.


Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the carpet using a vacuum is perhaps the most common floor-cleaning chore for most people. Commercial-grade vacuums, on the other hand, have dramatically improved performance and durability – and are available in a range of varieties to meet your needs. Lightweight upright and backpack vacuums are extremely mobile and versatile, making them ideal for stairwells and small, tight locations. There are two power sources to choose from corded and battery.

Battery-powered vacuum cleaners boost productivity while reducing trip and fall hazards. An upright vacuum cleaner, single or dual-motor,  provides the simple use and strong performance you want for large space areas such as lobbies, corridors, or aisles. A wet-dry vacuum can be used to clean up minor debris, spills, greasy residues, and even floods. Canister or Tub vacuums are effective at cleaning both hard and soft floors because of their easy maneuverability.


Carpet Extractor

Carpet and other soft flooring materials can pose additional cleaning issues. Carpet extractors have powerful soft-floor cleaning capabilities that can be used for regular, fast-drying interim cleaning in high-traffic areas – or spot cleaning to remove stains, spills, and moisture that is tracked into the facility.


Machine Type Application Type Functionality
Sweeper Indoor / Outdoor Walk-Behind or Ride On Sweeping up dirt and debris
Scrubber Indoor Walk-Behind or Ride On Scrubbing dirt and grime off hard floors using water or a cleaning solution.
Vacuum Indoor Upright, Canister, Wet & Dry, Backpack, Cordless  Remove soils from carpeted surfaces
Carpet Extractor Indoor Walk-Behind or Ride On Carpet cleaning,stain removal, and drying

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Floor Scrubber
Floor Scrubber

A floor scrubber is a type of cleaning machine used for cleaning and maintaining hard floor surfaces. It consists of a motorized brush or parts that rotate at high speeds and scrubs the floor while dispensing cleaning solutions.

Floor Buffers
Floor Buffers

Our floor buffers are designed to provide a high-quality and efficient cleaning solution for commercial and industrial flooring surfaces.

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Our floor polisher machines are designed to provide a high-quality and efficient solution for maintaining the shine and appearance of commercial and industrial flooring surfaces.


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