Specification Sheets

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Escalator Cleaning

Ren Clean

High Level Cleaning

SpaceVac Internal System

SpaceVac External System

SpaceVac ATEX system

Rotary Scrubbers & Polishers

Motorscrubber M3 JET

Motorscrubber M3

Nilco 330 Mini

Nilco Floormaster 2

Rawlins Orbital Rotary

Rawlins Orbital Detailer


Kaivac 1250

Kaivac 1750

Kaivac 2750

Kaivac AutoVac

Kaivac UniVac



i-Mop XXL

Chewing gum removal

i-Gum Gas

i-Gum Battery

Backpack Vacuums

Pacvac Super Pro 700

PacVac Superpro Battery 700

Steam Machines

Rawlins DR75C

Rawlins DR850

Carpet Shampooers

Nilco SE1237

Spraymaster 15

Spraymaster 25


Litterbug 370B

Litterbug 770B

Litterbug 770

Litterbug 970

Tub Vacuum Cleaners

Mastervac MV07 ECO

Mastervac MV12 ECO

Mastervac MV12S ECO

Nilco S20

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Nilco combi 1218E

Nilco Combi 1418E


Scrubber Dryers

Acrobat C34C, C34B, C24C

Hefter Turnado 35

Pressure washers

RPW 1100

RPW 1600

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Mastervac Wetmaster MVW23B

Mastervac Wetmaster MVW451B

Mastervac Wetmaster MVW452B

Mastervac Wetmaster MW452SV

Mastervac Wetmaster MW653SV

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Wetmaster 15

Wetmaster 23

Wetmaster 451

Wetmaster 452

Wetmaster 653

Wetmaster Floodvac 652

Quantum Air Steriliser

Rawlins Quantum AFT 60

Rawlins Quantum AFT 60/90


Victory Sprayer

Rawlins R15 Mist



Anti-Microbial Protectant



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