Pacvac Backpack Vacuum 700 Battery

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Pacvac’s commercial backpack vacuum cleaners are a great choice for the professional cleaning industry. The lightweight backpacks are designed to fit all body shapes providing optimal comfort.


Pacvac’s Superpro battery 700 is an advanced battery-powered design with strong suction, delivering a superior combination of manoeuvrability, efficiency and productivity. The ergonomic configuration makes this one of the lightest and most comfortable battery backpacks on the market. Coming standard with batteries, operators can enjoy a combined total of 1 hour 30 minutes runtime and a fast charge time of just 1 hour 45 minutes.

Recommended use for the Superpro battery 700:

  • Stairs
  • Lifts
  • Transportation vehicles (trains, planes and buses) 
  • Daytime cleaning

Quantity of batteries supplied: 4 (2 required for operation plus 2 spares)

Weight: 5.7kg (with 2x battery packs, ex. hose)

Battery type: 18V 6.0Ah (108Wh) Lithium Ion

Motor: 300W 36V DC brushless

Filtration: 4 stage, HEPA Rated HyperconeTM filter

Suction - Max: 60.2 inH2O /15kPa

Peak airflow: 70 CFM / 33L/s

Capacity: 5L

Noise Level: 67dB(A) (at 4.9ft / 1.5m)